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WordPress In 4 Weeks Course

Start a brand new career as a Professional Web Designer in 4 weeks

Week 1: Introduction

Welcome to the course


Week 1: Introduction

Welcome to the course


Week 2 : The Basics

2.1 What is WordPress?

2.2 Installing WordPress

2.3 Getting aquainted with the WordPress Dashboard

1hr. 10min.

Week 3 : Content Management

3.1 WordPress Pages vs Posts

3.2 A look at WordPress Gutenburg

3.3 Uploading and organizing media

3.4 About WordPress comments

3.5 WordPress Sidebars & Widgets

3.6 All about menus

2hrs. 27min.

Week 4 : Customization, Plugins & Settings

4.1 Using the WordPress Customizer

4.2 Working with themes

4.3 Working with Plugins

4.4 Adding & managing Users

4.5 Customizing WordPress via Settings

2hrs 1min.

itohan kukoyi

Itohan Kukoyi


Itohan Kukoyi is the Lead Consultant at Sotaria Agency, in Lagos Nigeria. She loves building and has extended that passion to helping people create a living with tech.


Getting started is the hardest part! But don’t worry, I’ll be with you every step of the way.