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Now you have the perfect website design, how do you ensure it the lean, mean machine it should be? Here are some short and sweet tips.

1. Make your website a lead generation machine.

One important function of website is to capture leads. Every single page on your website should be focused around capturing new leads by obtaining name and email at the very least.

2. Email marketing to follow-up your leads.

Now you have captured those leads, you need to build an email marketing follow-up system to stay connected to them.

3. Blog, blog, blog to build search engine presence.

To get email leads that can grow your business, people need to visit your website. To get website visitors, you need to blog. Your client is out there searching Google to search for what they want. One of the top ways to show up in Google results is to blog about lots of topics your customers need.

4. Stay abreast SEO rules.

You may have read a few things about SEO. The SEO principle you should practice is stuff about quality and value. It’s all about content, authority, and gaining reputation.

5. An active presence on the top social media networks.

When your prospects aren’t using Google, they’re using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LInkedIn, and. You need a presence on at least 3 of these top 5 networks, choose 2 you can be really active on. You should be updating them several times each week or even every single day if possible.

6. Content Is King!

This is the golden rule of marketing — Content Is King! It really is more about quality content than quantity. You need to follow this rule your digital platforms : email, blogging, social media, web content, etc.

7. Offline marketing and online marketing work together.

Do not give up entirely on offline marketing. Mouth to mouth referrals, business cards, networking and print media if your up for it.

7. Experiment, test, track, measure, and improve your results.

This what puts website marketing on top of the game. With all these data at your finger tips, tracking and analyzing is far easier. Always measure what you are doing to see the best results.

Time to take action

Time to get started on the list. If you don’t have a website yet, contact us to get you plugged in this huge marketing opportunity. Click on our FAQ for more answers.