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What is Web Hosting

website hostWebsite hosting is probably one of the most thrown around word in concerning website design but what is it actually? Well without hosting, your website can’t go live on the internet. Hosting providers give you the tools you need and server space you need to get your site hosted, live. If we compare hosting to your website’s house, then hosting providers like these builders. Web hosting lets you publish your website live on the internet. This is because your website needs somewhere to live. A website host is an organization that supplies the technical facilities you need to get your site hosted. They  provide the servers that deliver your site to your users. Web hosting companies manage the technical side of keeping your site running for you. Note:Servers are computers that deliver web pages. They act as a storehouse for data that connects your website with browsers. In summary, without the server supplied by a hosting provider, nobody could connect to your website. Basically, your website is delivered to visitors from your website host provider’s server. So your website gets sent to the user’s computer when they search your website’s address.

What is A Domain Name

A domain on the other hand  is your website’s personalized address, such as or A custom domain helps to identify your website and inspires confidence from your website visitors! So it’s worth getting a custom domain that reflects your website and is easy to remember. Like a friend’s house address, this is your own website “house address”. You need a domain name and hosting if you want to run a website. You can buy your domain name and your hosting from the same provider, making it easier to manage, connect and renew. Or, you can buy your domain from somewhere like Namecheap, then simply connect it to your chosen hosting provider. For example, if you’ve built a website on WordPress, you will need a hosting provider and a domain name. Without a server, nobody will be able to find or connect to your website. Among the top hosting providers are:

Now that you’ve got this sorted, all that’s needed is to get a quote from a web designer and get the website of your dreams. You can contact us for a quote. You can leave your questions or comments below.