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People spend most of their time on smartphones so it’s no longer enough to have a website that only works from a desktop computer. A responsive website is now a must.

What is a responsive website design? A responsive web design automatically adjusts for different-sized screens. With a responsive website, someone can browse your website from any device and it functions to suit the device.

How Do Responsive Websites Work?

A responsive website applies an alternate set of CSS files depending on the device being used to access the site. The site looks and ‘responds’ differently based on the device.

In summary, the site content is designed to suit the various types of devices that might be used. Whether a big or smaller screen.

Why Responsive Web Design Is Important

There was a time when people only accessed websites from a desktop computer which had the same size monitor. Today, people access websites from a variety of different devices with screens ranging from a few inches all the way up to 27″ or more and expectations have changed. Consumers expect the website they’re visiting to know that they’re using a tablet vs. a PC. They expect the site to adjust to them—not the other way around.

Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Web Design

Studies have confirmed that any business—whether you’re small, medium, or enterprise—needs to have a responsive website if they want to gain a competitive edge now and maintain it later.

Responsive Website Design And SEO

Google uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking symbol, meaning mobile-friendly, responsive websites appeared higher in the search results. There have been a few updates since then, each one including mobile-friendliness as a key rankings indicator.

It’s simple—better rankings lead to more visits to your website, which results in more leads and sales

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