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If you are thinking of bettering work/job opportunities by learning technology skills, you are in the right place.
There are a whole lot of remote roles available for those that are tech skilled and more companies are creating a demand for professionals with additional qualifications, just academic skills do not cut it anymore.

A great place to start will be to consider which ones will be the most in-demand skills for the future. Tech is a broad field but I got you.

Data Science/ Data Analytics

Data Analytics and Data Science are here to stay as AI and Machine Learning become highly integrated into our daily lives and economy. Data is crucial for businesses to gather critical insights and improve business performance to grow in the market. But who will bring out the insights? Who will process all the collated raw data? Everything is done either by a data analyst or a data scientist.

Data analytics focuses more on viewing the historical data in context while data science focuses more on machine learning and predictive modeling. Data science is a multi-disciplinary blend that involves algorithm development, data inference, and predictive modeling to solve analytically complex business problems.

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UI/UX Design

While they are in the same family, UI and UX are different.

A UI (User Interface) is all about the application’s graphical layout, including buttons, screen layout, animations, transitions, micro-interactions, and so on. In short, UI is all about how things look.

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UX (User Experience) design faces how users interact with the system. Navigation and how smooth and intuitive the experience is UX design. In short, this type of design helps users have a positive experience. UX is about how things work

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Software Development

Software developers write computer programs of all kinds. They design and write the code used to build everything from operating systems to apps to video games.

Types Of Software Development

Web Development
Web development is the part of software development that deals with the creation of websites and web applications. This is done with programming languages such as JavaScript , PHP, and HTML.

Application Development
Application Development is focuses on building applications that perform specific tasks on either a Windows or Mac operating system. Such as calculation to advanced tasks like editing in Photoshop .

Mobile Software Development
The mobile app development field is still growing really fast. As smartphone users increase, the requirement of apps that can perform the tasks that a user would need a computer to execute is increasing every day.

System Software Development
System software is basically the software that runs a machine. It is also called an operating system. This is the most important type of software, as it is basically the heart of the machine.

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Learn WordPress

Why learn WordPress? To begin with, over a third of the websites on the internet are built with WordPress.
If you want to get into web development without a deep dive in coding/programming, non-coders and even coders who need project done quickly great websites with it.

You can use skills garnered from learning it to lauch your career into tech and definitely build yourself a an awesome website. Even The Walt Disney Company takes advantage of WorPress perks.

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Product Management

The beautiful thing about this role is that there is no one way to becoming a Product Manager. They can come from a variety of backgrounds, including communications, marketing, and engineering, business etc.

A product manager works on planning and execution of a product lifecycle that includes gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, working closing with sales, marketing and engineering requirements, defining the product vision, and ensuring that the customer satisfaction and revenue goals are met. A product manager also works on ensuring that the company’s overall strategy and goals are met.

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Digital Marketing

Companies need to promote their products and services so definitely need digital marketers.

As a digital marketer, you will be responsible for the online promotion of a website (business or products), using all available digital marketing channels.

Therefore you will need to learn to create digital media marketing campaigns. These campaigns are typically focused on various digital channels, including email marketing, website, social media platforms and live chats.

These added and very marketable skills can open opportunities for you in a marketing agency, working in the marketing department of a business or company, consulting or doing freelance work.

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