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7 Important Instagram Mistakes to Avoid

7 Important Instagram Mistakes to Avoid

Which of these mistakes are you making? Have you ever asked yourself, what am I doing wrong on Instagram? Instagram is so popular and the fastest growing social platform that a successful presence on the platform is a must for growing your business online.

Why Instagram? Because we are all attracted to visuals!. This is now more than sharing selfies with friends. It is about planning your campaigns to drive more qualified site visitors, leads and revenue to your business.

According to a recent study, Instagram has more engagement than other social media networks. Specifically, Instagram is now seeing 15x more engagement than Facebook and 20x more than Twitter!

So what to avoid on instagram? Let’s dive into the Instagram marketing mistakes you need to avoid to achieve your goals on the platform.

  1. Leaving your Bio Blank

Your Instagram account Bio can encourage a new viewer to become a new follower, client or a customer. A well-thought-out bio also ensures that customers are fully aware of what a business does, as well as understand the mission statement of the company. If you complete your information wisely, you will potentiallyget millions of eyeslanding easily on your product!

  • No Links on your Bio

Traffic is all the internet and digital assets are about so include a link to your actual business. The goal of websites is to generate traffic.

The same people generating traffic on your Instagram page are most likely those you’d like to visit your website or landing page.

Instagram allows one clickable link in your bio. So, make sure that you take full advantage of it.

To add a link to your bio, go to “Edit Profile” and type it into the “website” text box.

3. Not having a strategy

When it comes to Instagram marketing, not having a goal-driven strategy will result in wasted opportunities and effort. That may just be the reason you think your efforts are not yielding result.

But, social media marketing does work. Your success at Instagram marketing begins with a goal-driven strategy.

Stop going blindly and develop a strategy around your goal.

If for example your goal is to drive more traffic to your landing page, then your captions must be persuasive and include a call-to-action in your copy.

If brand awareness, , you should pay more attention to your photos – you must never sacrifice quality for anything.

3. Making your Instagram account private

If you are a business account, I will never understand why your profile is private!.

Your personal profile can be private.  But, if it’s your business profile, it needs to be publicly accessible. After all, you want more followers to follow, like, share, engage and recognize your brand through social media marketing.

Your message here to potential followers is that you don’t want them as an Instagram follower, by making your profile private.

A private profile means that when users follow you, they’ll have to wait until you find time to log in and approve their request.  

Also, they can’t see your new photos and other content types from your profile, until they’re approved.

To check if your business profile is set to private, go to your profile and below the profile photo, click “Edit your Profile.”Then, scroll down and uncheck “Photos are Private.

4. Not responding to user comments promptly

This is a no, no. Posts that generates a lot of comments signals Instagram that viewers love it. You should  respond to every comment on on your posts.

Responding to their comments – answering questions and explaining your content can help achieve your goal.

Make sure that your followers get your replies, just “@” tag their Instagram handle in all replies. Once This will bring them back to your profile and further cement your social network relationship with them.

5. Focusing on quantity instead of quality

A post that is relevant and helpful will get more engagement have more overall impact. Quality does matters here.

Nothing wrong if you can post often, and still keep top quality so you can get even better results. 

6. Hashtags Issues

Hashtags can help build brand awareness. Note that Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post but you do not have to use all 30.

Research has found that there is correlation between hashtags and engagement in the form of comments and likes.

7. Not considering Keywords

Keywords are an integral part of getting your business seen online. They are what people search for online and can be used uniquely on Instagram.

The name field on your Instagram bio is different from the username, so can be hugely helpful to detail the business. For example, those coaching field may choose to use “Business Coach”.

Using keywords that that show what your business is about, means that the bio will appear in relevant search results. So correct that now, if you need to.

Do you see a mistake that you can correct immediately, do that right now and remember that social media marketing is a journey and not an end in itself.

would love to hear what you think about this post and how your Instagram strategy is going. Please comment below.

What Is The Buzz About Website Email Lists?

What Is The Buzz About Website Email Lists?

Social media, SEO and other digital marketing trends have their place but none comes close to the power of the website email.

According to information, 57% of email subscribers spend between 10-60 minutes browsing marketing emails during the week.

But the problem for is getting people to sign up.

An email list simply put is a collection of email addresses of users who have voluntarily signed up on your website to receive email. It allows you to stay in touch with your existing and potential customers on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly etc).

So Why Build an Email List?

Truth is that email do better than social networks in the number of clicks! Emails get 10 times more clicks than all social media combined.

Here are more reasons.

  • Reach is guaranteed– On social media, your statuses are bound to be missed due to updates and algorithms but people tend to check their emails more carefully than their timelines on social networks.
  • Ownership– You own your email content! You don’t own any anything on social media. At anytime, you can get your account suspended and lose all your followers. Or Instagram, Facebook or Twitter can come to an end, not for the foreseeable future it seems. You are also not limited to 140 characters.
  • Targeting– Targeting is straight in their inbox. You can also target specific locations.
  • Revenue Increases– Fact is that when you have all the above and your audience attention, then your revenue increases.

Think about it, if email is gone obsolete then why does every social media website require you to have an email address before you sign up?

Building an email list is a lot easier than building a following on on social media platforms, whether, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Social media platforms are great for building user engagement, but email will bring you more visitors, conversions, and sales.

Ready To Get Started With Your Email List Building?

You will need a reliable email service provider. These companies specialize in email delivery, and you need them to ensure that your email reaches the inbox of all your subscribers (instead of having your email marked as spam).</p

Even though, you can use WordPress to send emails, we strongly recommend against that (This is why you should not send  email newsletters using your WordPress

Which Email Marketing Service Should You Use?

There are plenty of great email marketing providers out there. Among the many recommended are:

  1. Constant Contact
  2. Drip
  3. ConvertKit
  4. AWeber
  5. MailChimp

For a more comprehensive read, click here .

How to Grow Your Email List on WordPress.

Now you have signed up for an email service provider, the next step is to find out the most effective signup forms and where to place them.

  1. The Lightbox Pop-Up
  2. The Splash Page or Feature Box
  3. The Side-Bar Sign-Up Box
  4. The Exit-Intent Sign-Up Box

You can find out more here.

Once you have started building your email list, it’s crucial that you engage with your subscribers.

You should make a habit of sending them regular updates, whether it’s weekly or monthly.

Not every email has to be promotional. You can send emails requesting feedback, giving helpful tips, etc.

We hope this will be a great help in building an email list in WordPress.

If you liked this article, join us on social media platforms for more helpful tips.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to know more or help you create or grow your very own email list.